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Nov 20  |  8am-9pm

Featuring Dr. Sarah Jane Young, flute

Works Selected for jemFEST 2021 @ UNF

Nov 20  | 1:30pm

Travis Garrison    
Wave Trains  |  Piano & Electronics

Mark Zanter 
Persistence of Memory  |  Flute & Electronics

Nikos Stavropoulos    
Claustro  |  Fixed Media

Anthony Paul De Ritis, PhD
Erhu-Flute  |  Flute & Electronics

Tim Reed
...the irresistible will of heaven... |  Fixed Media

Ian Evans Guthrie 
Snake Island  |  Flute & Electronics

Jeremy Muller
Quocíente : Laços  |  String Instrument & Electronics

Alex Tedrow
Biff  |  Barry Sax & Electronics

Mathieu Lacroix    
North Star  |  Flute & Electronics

João Pedro Oliveira
N'vi'ah   |  Fixed Media

Jean-François Charles
Electroclarinet 5  |  Clarinet & Electronics

Doug Bielmeier
Dictum Factum  |  Electric Guitar & Electronics

Felipe Otondo    
Mombasa mix  |  Fixed Media

Dong Zhou
Back to Heaven  |  Piccolo & Electronics

Nov 20  |  7:00pm

Ryne Siesky    


Franco Pellini    

El modo de existencia de los objetos técnicos 

Chin Ting Chan


Juan Carlos Vasquez

Channel Zero

Chelidon Frame

The Seasons Change in Somber Montage

Mikel Kuehn

Dancing in the Ether

Kyle Vanderburg

Tape Piece

Clemens von Reusner


The Jacksonville Electroacoustic Music Festival is an international event featuring concerts and papers that highlight new music & music technology.